Slaven's Library has multiple classes every day of students returning books and checking out. We circulate hundreds of books per week and all of them need to be shelved. I would love any parents to stop by during their child's library time to help with shelving and check out. If that time does not work for you I would love you to come at any convenient time for you. If you are stopping by to have lunch with your child and have time stop by to shelve and see what's happening in the library, please do!!! If you are coming to pick up your child and you are early then come visit and help in the library.

I also need help with our technology needs. If you are at all tech savvy OR NOT I'd love help here, too. Kindergarten classes are fun to volunteer and help while the students are learning click, hold, drag in various phonics lessons. They often need help getting their headphones on, adjusting volume, and locating the correct links from the Promethean board. It is super fun to watch how quickly they learn and enjoy the computer time!!!

Library volunteers are an essential part of the library program, and I really enjoy working with parents, grandparents, neighbors, and friends. Volunteering is a great way to get to know the library. I would love to have volunteers come in once a week or even every other week. Any time helps. I am very flexible!

Some ways that volunteers can help in our library include:

  • Shelving: We circulate lots of books in our library each week. This means lots of shelving!

  • Shelf Maintenance: Sometimes the shelves get a little out of order. Especially in the popular sections of the library.

  • Circulation: It is good to have an extra adult in the room during check out. The younger grades need the most help.

  • Repairing books in the book hospital with book tape and special binding glue.

  • Book Fair is once a year and I always need tons of help for set up, during and take down.

  • Pulling books for holidays, teachers, curriculum needs.

  • Updating computer needs. Cleaning up desktops. Loading new software.

I look forward to us working together to get more books in children's hands and computers running smoothly!