Tech II is an Excel, research, and PhotoShop Elements class.

The first lesson students must complete is a Game of Life. They will choose a career and I give them a salary, how much education they need, and how much vacation they will get. They will have to budget using Excel: housing, transportation, utilities, college loans, positive and negative chance cards, and more necessities to survive.

The second project is creating a Timeline of their life using Illustration Features in Word. (Smart Art, Charts, tables...)

Next the students create a video using Window Movie maker about Leadership, 7 Habits, Leader In Me, Slavens culture....

This Middle School elective also has them learn to create a couple pictures using Photoshop Elements. The kids love putting their heads onto famous people or creating a new landscapes with PSE. They are not to make it look like a bobble-head. Skin colors, size, and pixels are important to get a good grade.

Finally students will research the Evolution of an Invention. From their research they will create a Power Point using sound, links, notes and more!