Slavens is a K-8 school in South Denver and is part of the Denver Public School System. We have a challenging academic program that supports every child as a learner of worth and dignity. We strive to personalize teaching to ensure that all students learn to read critically, write effectively, speak articulately, and think logically and creatively in all disciplines including mathematics, the sciences and social studies.

Providing our students a well rounded education is our mission, we call upon our students to be trustworthy, kind, honest and fair - to be leaders in their own right. Our Leader In Me Culture actively engages students in their own learning. All students become active participants in the direction of the school and many of the decisions that are made. We have Leadership Assemblies regularly to share individual students being leaders or classes doing leadership projects. All grades have Mission Statements around their Leadership Goals and track their learning in their Leadership Notebooks.

Learn more about our school by visiting the Slavens' Website or the Slavens' Wiki page.