Students will come to the library on a weekly basis. DPS book check out is for 2 weeks at a time. Keep in mind that if your child would like to check out a new book the following week, one needs to be returned. Books may also be renewed if there is not another student waiting for it. If a student has overdue books, they may not be able to check out any additional books. As a class we will be discussing the proper care and treatment of our library books. I encourage you to remind your child to:

  • Keep books dry (backpack or plastic bag)

  • Keep books away from food, drink, pets, and younger siblings.

  • Pick a safe spot at home to always keep library books

  • Read Read Read!!!

Sometimes we misplace or damage a book. If that happens, please be aware that Denver Public Schools has a set replacement cost of $20.00 for all hard covered books and $5.00 for all paperback books.

I will make all repairs to books in our Slavens Library Hospital. Please do not fix (glue/tape) books at home. I have special book tape and binding glue to use on repairs.

I am also open to books being replaced with a new copy of the same book (Same Title, Same Book, Hard Cover). If paying or replacing a book is a financial burden please let me know so we can work something out to show responsibility from the students. Come see me about this!

Please feel free to get in touch with me with any problems or concerns!!! Thank you!!!