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Keyboarding is a middle school elective class offered at Slavens. We start the students typing in as early as 3rd grade on Dance Mat Typing. You may find Dance Mat Typing to use and practice at home at . This web site is a great start to introduce typing with a funny British accent! In fourth grade the students are introduced to . This web site offers lessons, tutorials/tests, and games to play at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. Starting in 5th grade we teach touch typing which is learning to type without looking at the keys. Denver Public Schools has a requirement that all 6th graders can type 20 GWAM (Gross Words a Minute - 5 letters = a word). If students can reach this goal in 5th grade while using a program called Typing TIme (which is a district license) then they do not have to take typing in 6th grade. Otherwise students will continue lessons in Typing TIme in 6th grade to reach the DPS goal of 20 GWAM touch typing.

Other great websites to practice typing are: